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Covid Lockdown in Shanghai has delayed OldSkhools

Recent total Covid Lockdowns in Shanghai have stalled the ability to ship the OldSkhools to the USA

As we've previously noted... we are doing everything we can to expedite the fulfillment of both the replacement SpellGrounds and the Pre-orders. We've chosen to air freight these to us in the US, saving possibly weeks on delivery.

We really do understand that you've been waiting... we have too! We encourage you to read any of the online articles about this situation that's out of our control.

Per ABC news:
"The two-phase lockdown of Shanghai, being carried out over eight days, has shaken global markets worried about the possible economic impact. China’s manufacturing activity fell to a five-month low in March, a monthly survey showed Thursday, as lockdowns and other restrictions forced factories to suspend production.""

Because of the uncertainty, we aren't able to suggest specific dates for fulfillment, but we WILL do our best to get them in your hands ASAP.
We appreciate your patience and understanding... and please do trust us: You WILL get your OldSkhool(s)!

The OldSkhool Replacement program is now LIVE!

Visit and complete our replacement form HERE if you want to either return your defective OldSkhool for a replacement, or, provide proof of destruction for a replacement.

Follow the instructions on the form CAREFULLY!

We are now collecting the information for replacements, BUT, we will not ship your replacements until we have them in stock.

We expect to begin shipping replacement mats at the end of March, early April.

Prefer a Refund of your V7 OldSkhool?

Follow these steps ONLY if you want a refund.

Follow the instructions below if you prefer to get a refund on your defective V7 OldSkhool.

Do this ONLY if you choose NOT to wait for a replacement. You will NOT be able to place a NEW Pre-Order for the OldSkhool.


By following the below steps, you will NOT have to send us back the defective OldSkhool. BUT.. you will need to show proof that it was destroyed. You'll need to do this with EVERY mat in your order.

So FIRST: Use a large sharpie or marker to PRINT YOUR ORDER NUMBER DIRECTLY ON THE MAT. Check your email receipt, it will have the order number in it. You MUST WRITE it directly on the mat.

SECOND: Take a PICTURE OF THE MAT(s) with the order number printed on each.

THIRD: Destroy the mat(s). By this, we mean use a scissors, knife, or cutter to cut it into a minimum of eight pieces.

FOURTH: TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE of the destroyed mat layed out in such a way that we can still make out the hand written order number. (Like a puzzle about to come together)

FINALLY: Send us an email at

IN the SUBJECT LINE PUT "REFUND REQUEST", followed by your original order number.

In your email... include any important info... such as your NAME, Phone, etc. You can copy this info from your original order. Provide any other info that will help us process your refund. Help us help you by including your phone!

ATTACH the TWO PICTURES YOU'VE TAKEN! This is super important, we will NOT process a refund unless we know the mat has been removed from circulation.

If you purchased multiple mats, and gifted or sold them to others, you can NOT get a refund. You'll need to wait for the replacement program.

ALTERNATIVELY-- If you can't bring yourself to cut a SpellGround into pieces, you may just return it to us at:
Khalsa Brain Games
1032 Irving St #1001
San Francisco, CA 94122.

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V7 OldSkhool Quality issues

Replacement Program coming soon

Please watch the video above!

There’s a quality issue with the V7 OldSkhool mats that were ordered between Dec. 29, 2021 and Jan. 1, 2022 and shipped shortly after.

The fabric is too easily tearing away from the backing.

In short, we’ll be replacing every OldSkhool that was shipped as part of the first release with a new mat. (Including any seconds that were shipped.)

The factory is assessing what went “wrong” in production, but ultimately we’re prepared to replace all mats with this issue, which again, are all OldSkhool mats ordered on, or before, January 1st and shipped shortly after.

We just started getting reports of this as shipments started arriving. This wasn’t an issue with the DarkMages, and as we folded and packaged every mat, we didn’t see this problem.

We honestly didn’t know of this issue when we released on Jan 1st, and we didn’t know of it when we launched the pre-orders.

Fortunately, we’ll resolve this issue before the pre-orders are produced. The replacement mats will be part of the pre-order run… and as noted… we are making enough replacement mats to swap out with every OldSkhool that has shipped.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll make it right.

In the meantime, it's ok to use your current mat. we'll be replacing it even if it's been used.

If you don’t seem to have an issue.. we recommend you DO NOT TRY to tear the fabric/backing apart.

We’ll replace it even if the fabric/backing seem to be fine.

If you purchased multiple mats, and gifted or sold them to others, we will also replace those mats, though the owner of the mat will be required to send it back to us for replacement once the program is active.

One thing we know… is you’ll have to return, or show evidence of destroying, the defective mat(s) before we send out a new ones.

We don’t want defective mats to remain “in circulation”.

Again, we're working on the best way to implement this, and we expect to announce the program in early February.

Please stay tuned for detailed info on how the exchange program will work. We're still figuring it out.

We ask you to please NOT message us with your particular mat, pictures, issues.

Until we have the new mats in production, there’s really not anything we can do immediately.

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Introducting- DUTCH AUCTIONS

For some of our upcoming releases, though not all, we’ll be utilizing a “Dutch Auction” format to sell our limited inventory of a particular SpellGround. The basic idea is: the price of the mat will start high, and over time, come down in price until all the mats are gone.


Especially when releasing either a Limited Edition mat (LTD), or very constrained quantity of a new SpellGround, it’s often the fans who are fastest at the keyboard/internet that successfully purchase a mat.
Likewise, some folks believe (though we don’t think it’s true) that ‘bots’ scoop up all the mats, only to be resold on the secondary market at 2-3 times the original price.

Some of our fans have actually suggested selling the mats at a higher price to discourage the resellers.
We’ve been hesitant to straight up raise our price, as we set the SpellGround price such that we make a reasonable return on our investment.

It’s our belief that by starting the price higher than our ‘retail’ price, it will discourage the secondary market buyers. If such a buyer typically purchases at X price, and then resells the mat at 4x price, we believe they’ll be less ‘invested’ if their original price is either 3x or 2x, giving them less return on their purchase.

Of course, the prices WILL start higher… but we believe the starting Dutch Auction price will still be comparable or less than a secondary market price. It’s also quite possible that no one will purchase the new release at the starting Dutch auction price, in which case, the price will slowly lower over time until it’s either sold out… or… it’ reaches our standard retail price.


We will put the designated Dutch Auction mat on sale at the indicated time. Again, NOT all of our releases will be sold through a Dutch auction.

ALL auctions will take place on our website at with the SpellGround being sold listed just like any of our other products in our catalogue.

The starting ‘auction’ price will be higher than the ultimate retail price.

The Starting price will be effective for TEN MINUTES.

Then there will be a FIVE MINUTE PAUSE before we lower the price to the next tier.
We’ll use this time to check inventory and adjust the pricing on the website.

After the five minute pause, the new price will appear on the website (Refresh your browser!).

The next tier of pricing will be lower than the starting price, and will again be active for TEN MINUTES.

We’ll repeat this process until the mats are sold out, or they reach their standard retail price.

The amount of price change between tiers will vary from mat to mat.

If you paid for a mat at the highest tier price, and you find that two lower tiers later they are still available, your original price stands and you do not get a lower price.

You are LIMITED TO ONE MAT OF EACH STYLE for the duration of the Dutch Auction.
So if you buy a mat at the highest tier, you may NOT purchase a mat at the next tier (This is a change from our First Dutch Auction)

The Dutch Auction ENDS TEN MINUTES AFTER THE LOWEST TIER IS REACHED. After the lowest (standard price) tier has been active for TEN minutes, the auction ends and you may then purchase more mats of any style if they are still available.


You MUST complete your purchase, including shipping, at each tier. The mat is not sold until you have completed the payment process.

As always, do NOT ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE from within the Facebook App.

Your shipping and billing address must match, or the transaction will not complete.

AGAIN, there are NO REFUNDS FOR MATS PURCHASED at a higher tier.